Airport Regions Conference

The Airport Regions Conference (ARC) is an association of regional and local authorities 

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across Europe with an international airport situated within or near its territory.

The ARC brings together a wide range of expertise at the interface of air transport and local and regional policies. A common concern is to balance the economic benefits generated by the airports against their environmental impact, notably the effect on the quality of life of local residents.

ARC works with the European Commissioner for Transport and her Cabinet and the EC Directorates for Transport, for the Environment, and for the Regions.







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Noise at airports workshop on 20 November, Brussels

Friday 16th of October 2015
Noise at airports workshop is taking place on 20 November and is organised by the ARC in Brussels. This workshop is dedicated to local authorities, municipalities and regions involved in managing the impact of their airport. Local and regional authorities will pursue dialogue with the European Institutions and industry.
The Regulation 598/2014 «on the establishment of rules and procedures with regard to the introduction of noise-related operating restrictions at Union airports» will enter into force in June 2016. This Regulation will be core for all actions related to and dealing with the heated topic of noise nearby airports. Local and regional authorities need to know precisely what this Regulation is about, and what will be feasible in the very next future to answer residents’ needs and questions.

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