ARC Membership 

ARC Membership Benefits

  • Connecting with colleagues from all over Europe during our events and projects;
  • Representation of your voice and interests at industry-related topics to the European institutions;
  • Access to information and news on current issues through the members-only section of the website, offering fast and extensive access to important information: research studies, press releases and other reports;
  • Access to conference materials and workshops to share best practices and improve workflow;
  • Weekly newsletter subscription, keeping you informed on industry news;
  • Free printed copies of our publications;
  • Participation for the election of the board members;
  • Reduced rates for selected industry conferences;
  • Reduced rates for European and international workshops, trainings and seminars;
  • Invitation to members-only events.


Membership Criteria

The criteria for membership of ARC preserves the original aims of the ARC Constitution. ARC expects the applicant for full membership to meet a majority of the following criteria:


The Regional Authority

1. is a strategic planning authority
2. is the tier below national government
3. has a significant population
4. has a significant overall budget. 
5. is or is near to a capital city/regional capital


The Airport should

1. have a significant passenger volume
2. be a main airport in its country
3. have a high percentage of scheduled flights
4. have a high number of international routes


ARC membership is divided between full members and associated members. The full members are regional or local authorities who have an important international airport within or close to their territory. Other organisations that are active in areas related to airports may become associated members.

If you are interested and would like to receive more information, please contact the ARC Secretariat.


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