• Sergi Alegre Calero

    Name: Sergi Alegre Calero, President

    Elected: December 2011

    Region: El Prat de Llobregat


    Sergi Alegre Calero is the Vice-Mayor of El Prat de Llobregat in Spain, where he is in charge of spatial planning and of environmental issues. The Barcelona El Prat airport is one of the fastest growing European airports, and Mr. Alegre Calero has been responsible of accommodating the needs and constraints of a fast growing business. Mr. Alegre Calero has been serving in the ARC Executive Committee since 2002. He became the ARC president in 2011.

  • Erich Valentin

    Name: Erich Valentin, Vice-President

    Elected: December 2011

    Region: City of Vienna


    Erich Valentin is by profession the creative director and strategic planner in an advertising agency. Additional to that, he leads an active political life. He has been a member of the Vienna City Council and Provincial Parliament since 1999., where he serves as Chairman of the Environment Committee (since 2005). He is in charge of spatial planning and environmental issues at municipal and district level. As the City of Vienna owns 20% of the shares of Vienna airport, he is also in charge of the environmental aspect related to the airport.  Other topics are also high on his agenda :  land-use, public transport system in Eastern Austria, European aspects of the Danube area.  He is a member of the Social Democratic party. l asDue to his role in the cooperation with Vienna International Airport, including the mediation process, planning and land use. Eric has been ARC since 2011.

  • Anne Devitt

    Name: Anne Devitt, Vice-President

    Elected: ARC President 2003-2011

    Region: Fingal County Council


    Councillor Anne Devitt has been the political representative of Fingal County Council to the ARC since Fingal joined in 2001. Cllr Devitt was the first chairperson of the newly formed Northern Area Health Board and held that position over a two year period. She also holds the Chair of the Strategic Policy Committee for Community, Recreation and Amenity of Fingal County Council. She was elected as ARC President between 2002-2011. Since 2012 Cllr Devitt is an honorary President, as well as a Member of the ARC Executive Committee. -

  • Lars Birger Salvesen

    Name: Lars Birger Salvesen, Vice-presient

    Elected: 2014

    Region: Akershus


    Lars Salvesen is a Norwegian politician and the Deputy County Mayor of Akershus. Akershus is the region surrounding the capital city of Oslo. Salvesen’s main field of expertise is transport politics. He has formerly been elected president of The Norwegian Youth Council (LNU), and General Secretary of the Young Christian Democrats. He has also worked as a political advisor in the Parliament for the Christian Democratic Party and as advisor for the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS).

  • Vladimír Vytiska

    Name: Vladimír Vytiska, Member

    Elected: 2010

    Region: Prague Airport Region


    Vladimír Vytiska is the Mayor of Únetice, outside of Prague in the Czech Republic. Vytiska, with a diploma in economy, has been elected as a Mayor of Únetice for last twenty years. He has also studied music, and is an active musician. Vytiska represents Prague Airport Region (association of municipalities around Prague Airport) in ARC, and he has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2010.

  • Ludger Stüve

    Name: Ludger Stüve, Member

    Elected: 2013

    Region: Metropolregion FrankfurtRheinMain


    Ludger Stüve is director of Regionalverband FrankfurtRheinMain, a regional authority responsible for land use planning and regional development in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main area. Mr Stüve also is non-executive director of different regional corporations for business development, marketing and culture. Before Ludger Stüve was elected as Regionalverband’s director in 2012 he served as mayor of Schöneck – a town near Frankfurt – for eleven years. Prior to this he worked in IT and controlling departments of several major banks.

  • Maria Ryden

    Name: Maria Ryden, Member

    Elected: 2015

    Region: Gothenburg Region


    Ms. Maria Rydén is a Member of the City of Gothenburg’s Executive Board for the Moderate Party since 2010. Her political responsibilities concern areas such as geriatric care, public health care and human rights amongst other things.

    These issues are consistent with Ms. Rydén’s political commitment in many ways. She focalises the individuals’ perspective; their right to be different and the importance of giving people the ability to make their own choices in life.
    Ms. Rydén is also currently a member of the City Council. Her former commitments involve holding the post as presiding official at marriage from 2011 to 2014. She has also had an active involvement in the Committees in the City of Gothenburg. Ms. Rydén was Deputy Chair at the Adult Education Committee from 2003 to 2006 as well as Deputy Chair at the City District Committee Centrum from 2007 to 2010. She is also a former member in the Sports and Associations Committee and the Labour Market Committee.
    In addition to her political commitment Ms. Rydén is a trained nurse and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. She has also worked in a number of different positions at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg. Ms. Rydén combined her political career with a professional career in the healthcare sector for 20 years before taking office as Member of the CityExecutive Board.

  • Alexandre Pueyo

    Name: Alexandre Pueyo, Councillor of the Val d’Oise County Council

    Elected: 2017

    Region: Val d'Oise


    Alexandre Pueyo is councillor of the Val d’Oise County Council. Graduate of Business School, he’s in charge of the Public Relations Department of an energy company, and has only one representative mandate. His political responsibilities concern areas such as environmental questions, particularly noise (he’s Vice President of Bruitparif), and social housing (he’s board’s member of public social housing operators). He’s also in charge of the “Charter of sustainability in Val d’Oise” signed by the local authorities of the County.