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Tuesday 30th of October 2012 - Projects

Description of activities

The ARC Executive Committee agreed in July 2010 to set up an ARC Interest Group on Air Traffic Management. A first pilot dialogue meeting, held in April 2010, made it very clear that airport regions have an important role in the future of air traffic management as it is outlined in the SESAR Master Plan.


Eurocontrol is in charge of the first implementation package of the SESAR Master Plan to redesign the use of European airspace from 2013. According to the Master Plan there is a legitimate role for ARC in being one of the stakeholders. The ATM is a technical and complex system that needs to be addressed by persons who have the time and interest to enter into a productive discussion with other stakeholders and explain what the impact may be on land use planning and living conditions in the communities.


Within the QLAIR project, ARC has developed a report in order to provide a thorough understanding of Air Traffic Management and how it impacts on spatial planning in airport regions.


The ATM Interest Group is a long term initiative, and the intention is that the group shouldcontinuously follow ATM. The group will together with the Secretariat over time define thework programme depending on the current issues and the interest from the members in ARC.


In November of 2012 the ARC, City of Vienna and Vienna International Airport have organised a workshop on Air Traffic Management and Spatial Planning as part of this project. The Workshop key objective was to enhance understanding of the complexity of Air Traffic Management operations (today and in the future), which will enable ARC cities and regions to help securing a sustainable growth of its airports in balance with a satisfactory level of quality of life for the cities and regions residents. You can find more information by clicking here. 


Workshop presentations and gallery available here




Regina Wiala-Zimm
City of Vienna






Meeting of the group

ATM and Spatial Planning Workshop Vienna 2012


Library of documents


Performance Review Report 2010

The Performance Review Commission has published its Performance Review Report on European Air Traffic Management Performance in 2010.

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