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Description of activities

The goal of DAIR is to improve the surface accessibility to airport zones and the CO2 neutrality of airport operator activities. The project pays special attention to the optimal involvement of business R&D communities in creating well connected green airports.  


dAIR looks at how can the carbon from surface access and airport operations be reduced. These two together account for about half of the carbon footprint. Through study visits and workshops, as well as stakeholder forums, the 14 member organizations are able to exchange experience and see what reduction solutions have been used and have worked at other airports and how they could be applied to their own.    


The importance of this project cannot be overstated at a time when airports in Europe find it hard to expand because their environmental footprint is being increasingly scrutinized by numerous authorities as well as the persons living in the vicinity. However, if there is willingness to reduce the carbon around the airport, the neighboring communities will begin accepting the airport as a necessary catalyst for economic development.




Lead partner: City of Eindhoven

Communication Leader: Airport Regions Conference 


Meetings of the groups


Barcelona El Prat (June 2012)

Eindhoven (November 2012)

Malta (February 2013)

Terres de France (April 2013)

Stockholm (June 2013)

Leipzig (September 2013)

Mazovia (October 2013)

Bologna (January 2014)

Prague (March 2014)

Vienna (May 2014)


Library of documents


For resources and documents on thsis project visit the official page at  

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