• Léa Bodossian

    Name: Léa Bodossian

    ARC Secretary General

    Address: Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels

    Tel: +32 2 513 48 85



    Léa Bodossian has been ARC Secretary General since January 2011. Before that, she has spent a significant part of her career dealing with aviation issues, especially in the European Aviation Safety Agency and in the European Commission. Léa also ran regional representations in Brussels in the early 2000´s. By training, she is a spatial planner and a researcher with a specialization on economic development nearby airports. She holds Masters degrees in Spatial planning, Political Sciences and European Affairs.

    The Secretary General is the general administrator of the ARC, and is based in Brussels. The role of the secretariat is to support and promote members positions on policy development, to help them in their projects. The Secretary General also has a representative role on behalf of ARC and is responsible for the management, work and running of the organization.

    Feel free to address Lea in English, French or Spanish.

  • Petra Holm

    Name: Petra Holm

    ARC Senior Assistant

    Address: Rue Montoyer 21, 1000 Brussels

    Tel: +32 2 513 73 15



    Petra Holm has been the ARC Senior Assistant since May 2014. She’s in charge of the day-to-day administration of the ARC secretariat.

    She has worked for the European Commission (Secretariat-General, EuropeAid, DG Enlargement) and most recently for Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, a public private Partnership between the European Commission and the aeronautical Industry.

    Feel free to contact Petra in Swedish, English, French or Spanish.