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ARC Secretariat

Sergi Alegre Calero
Director General

Sergi Alegre (PhD) joined ARC as Director General in September 2018. Previously he served for seven years as the President of ARC. At the same time, he was the Vice-Mayor of the City of El Prat where the airport of Barcelona is located. In El Prat, he was responsible for urban planning, mobility and environmental issues for more than twenty years. In his former positions, he has been involved in many European projects, participated in events as a key speaker and dealt with negotiations on airports and aviation issues.

Dimitra Ballard
Administrative Officer

Dimitra Ballard joined ARC in October 2020. She is in charge of the day-to-day administration of the ARC Secretariat, as well as project administration and reporting. She has worked for several international associations.

She holds a Master’s degree in translation. and speaks English, French, German and Dutch.

Alexandra Covrig
Senior Project Manager


Alexandra Covrig has been working for the ARC since 2016. She is in charge of the preparation and follow-up of EU-funded projects, also acting as the Communication Manager in the respective projects. She mainly contributes to the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, but also to the technical reporting of projects.

She holds a joint Master’s degree in Communication Science and European Studies and speaks Romanian, English, and French.

Andrea Ivasivka
Associate Researcher

Andrea Ivasivka joined ARC in January 2022 as a Policy Manager. Andrea has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the aviation field, focusing primarily on legal and policy matters and worked for more international aviation associations. She holds a Master’s degree in law and a bar exam, Bachelor’s Degree in International Transportation and Foreign Economic Relations.

She speaks English, Italian and Hungarian.

Lili Pesti
Communication Officer

Lili Pesti joined ARC in March 2023. She is responsible for creative communication, publications, social media, web design, and newsletters. She also supports the communication efforts of the EU-funded projects on which ARC is working.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Science, and speaks English and Hungarian.

Ana García Sainz-Pardo
Collaborative Researcher

Ana García Sainz-Pardo worked with ARC during the ANIMA project as a Research Associate. Currently, Ana works for SENASA as an Environment and Airport Noise Specialist and collaborates with ARC on aviation noise issues. She holds MSc Civil Engineer & Bachelor's Degree in Law.

You can contact Ana in English and Spanish.

Photos by Smiles & Focus

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