Development of Regional Employment and Airport Areas Manpower (DREAAM) is an Erasmus+ project that has started in October 2018. DREAAM is a 24-month project with a total budget of €111,175.


Our objective is to foster an exchange of good practices on vocational education and training (VET) in airport areas. By focusing on regional branding, job attractivity, skills definition and mobility, DREAAM aims to facilitate the recruitment process for regions and airport platforms and to create more training and employment opportunities for the surrounding local communities.


The strategic partnership of DREAAM project strives to create knowledge and policy recommendations in order to develop the skills of the population residing in airport areas so that they meet the criteria of the employers, such as airport companies.


The project consortium comprises several and regional public authorities, airports and, economic and development agencies:



The activities of the project partners are related to the following work challenges:


  • Perception and promotion of jobs in airport areas: Considering the perception of jobs in those areas, are the existing promotion tools efficient? How to duplicate them in other territories? What are the remaining gaps?

  • Matching workforce qualifications with the companies’ requirements: Is there really a shortage between the needs of employers and existing staff qualifications? What are the good practices to reduce this gap?

  • Anticipation of future work patterns: Will anticipating the future needs of companies allow for the development of relevant skills before they become a gap? What are the best practices in this respect?

  • Synthesis of the findings, implications for the attractiveness of airport areas: Considering the project’s analysis, which solutions can be developed to promote these jobs?


Given these activities, DREAAM project aims to deliver:


  • Knowledge of other tools to promote airport areas jobs

  • A forum for debate and exchanges on employment

  • Long-term benefits for airport companies and local communities.





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