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ARC in Projects

At ARC, we actively engage in various European Union-funded projects as partners for communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities to enhance our knowledge base and contribute to the advancement of our field. Our participation allows us to stay updated on innovations and collaborate with industry experts to improve our practices.

In-house Capabilities

communication strategy
email marketing
event management
graphic design

Communication Strategy Development

Social Media and Email Marketing

Event and Webinar Management

Graphic Design

final report curation
speaking engagement
video editing
website design

Policy Paper and Report Curation

Speaking Engagements

Video Production

Website Design and Development

Key Interest Areas

ARC is interested in contributing to EU-funded projects that align with its key areas of focus, including economic development, territorial branding, economic impact assessment, aviation noise and emissions management, training and employment in airport regions, congestion and airport capacity, land use planning and airport expansion, intermodality and surface access, connectivity, and decarbonization of airport areas. These topics are central to ARC's mission.

Partner with ARC

We collaborate with public and private organisations across Europe, providing expertise in communication, dissemination, and exploitation as project partners.

Additionally, we offer consultancy services to assist organisations in writing and submitting project proposals for various calls. By partnering with ARC, you gain access to our extensive experience and network, increasing your chances of securing funding and successfully executing your projects.

Ongoing Projects

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PULSAR arc header.webp
SAMVA arc header.webp
MMX arc header.webp

Previous Projects

ANIMA arc header.webp
DREAAM arc heDER.webp
LAIRA arc header.webp
DAIR arc header.webp

Advisory Board Memberships

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