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ARC in Projects

To provide extensive knowledge of the field and share it with our members, ARC participates in various European Union-funded projects. This way, ARC and its members stay up to date with the innovations in the field and obtain recommendations for improvement.


Thanks to our European projects' involvement, we have established ourselves as a credible partner for communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities. We are actively seeking to contribute to European projects that support our fundamental values and strategic objectives.


ARC key areas: economic development, territorial branding, economic impact, aviation noise and emissions, training, and employment in airport regions, congestion, and airport capacity, land use and airport expansion, intermodality, surface access, connectivity, decarbonisation of airport areas.

ARC is also engaged in the advisory boards of EU-funded projects, providing professional expertise on current initiatives.

Your contact for projects

Alexandra Covrig, Senior Project Manager

Ongoing Projects

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Previous Projects

Advisory Board Memberships

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