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Airport Governance (2021)

Get to know ARC, 2021

ARC Activity Report 2020

DREAAM Project Best Practices (2020)

In 2018, a group of regional public authorities, airports, and economic and development agencies started developing Regional Employment and Airport Areas Manpower (DREAAM) project. Supported by Erasmus+, the objective, over two years of activity, has been to exchange good practices mainly on vocational education, airport areas, branding, and recruitment training.

Transparent noise management and community engagement in the Ljubljana airport area (2020)

On 12 December 2019, the ANIMA project organised a workshop on transparent noise management and community engagement in airport areas in Kranj, near Ljubljana. Just a few kilometres away from Ljubljana airport, one can better understand the impact an airport has on the citizens in its vicinity. Therefore, this workshop wanted to explore the relationship between the airport stakeholders and the local authorities and communities. It is crucial to understand that it does all start with transparent communication.

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