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This thematic report focuses on action plans from project partners to introduce landside e-mobility developments as part of the wider LAirA initiative.

Electric Mobility Action Plan (2020)

In the pages of this publication you will gain further understanding about the work that the ANIMA project is doing in the field of noise mitigation through novel approaches, and you will learn about the different pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together in order to effectively respond to the needs of citizens and aviation actors alike.

Land Use Planning: A Key Approach to Reduce Airport Noise Annoyance (2019)

This LAirA project handbook presents the multimodal and sustainable low carbon mobility integration of seven different airports in the transport systems of their functional urban areas (FUAs).

Multimodal and Sustainable Low Carbon Mobility Integration of Airports and their Catchment Areas (2019)

This report considers the theme of wayfinding at airports. Transporting Cities was commissioned to draw upon its database of global best practice examples to set out how signage and other wayfinding mediums are used to guide passengers through airports. In the context of the LAirA urban areas, these best practices could be used to inform the development of wayfinding strategies which would contribute to sustainable mobility objectives.

Wayfinding at Airports – LAirA project report (2019)

This study is part of the Landside Airport Accessibility (LAirA) project; an Interreg Central Europe Funded project which aims to improve landside mobility planning for airports. The project has an aim of lowering CO2 emissions by changing the travel behaviour of airport passengers and employees and by developing innovative strategies with public entities. This report is divided into the same seven thematic areas as the LAirA project.

Landside Accessibility to Airports: International best practice report (2019)

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