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Summary – LAirA Transnational Strategy (2020)

This document is a summary of Landside Airport Accessibility project final document "LAirA Transnational Strategy – Guidelines on Low Carbon Emission Landside Accessibility to Airports". Also, it presents detailed mobility solutions at LAirA airports (Budapest, Milan, Poznan, Modlin, Vienna, Stuttgart and Dubrovnik).

LAirA Transnational Strategy – Guidelines on Low Carbon Emission Landside Accessibility to Airports (2020)

The Transnational Strategy is the third and final phase of the LAirA project, focusing on identifying actions for sustainable land transport and access at LAirA airports with the final objective of reducing the CO2 emissions. In order to achieve this goal, the strategy brings together local and regional authorities and airports to build their capacity and facilitate joint planning and implementation of low carbon mobility solutions.

Sustainable Fuels for Aviation in Europe (2020)

This report is done in continuation of the event "Sustainable Fuels for Aviation in Europe", which took place in ARC premises in Brussels, 27 November 2019. The event gathered over 200 attendees including airlines, airports, private sector representatives, European Commission officials, cities and regions representatives, social society and policy-makers.

Activity Report 2019

Every year we look back and see how much we have grown and worked towards reaching our vision and mission. Read this report to get to know us and our progress in a short, but clear way.

Electric Mobility Action Plan (2020)

This thematic report focuses on action plans from project partners to introduce landside e-mobility developments as part of the wider LAirA initiative.

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