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The goal of MultiModX project is to develop a set of innovative multimodal solutions and decision support tools for the coordinated planning and management of multimodal transport networks.

Leader: Bauhaus Luftfahrt

Duration: 30 months

Start date: 01.07.2023

Total budget: 1.750.380 EUR

Framework: SESAR 3

Website: under construction

The objectives of MultiModX are to: 

  • identify and characterise current and future scenarios for long-distance passenger multimodal transport in Europe;

  • develop a multimodal performance framework;

  • develop a Multimodal Modelling and Evaluation Framework;

  • develop a Schedule Design Solution;

  • develop a Disruption Management Solution;

  • nurture the conditions for the transfer of the MultiModX Solutions to the subsequent stages of the Research and Innovation (R&I) cycle.


ARC's role:  leader of the communication, dissemination, and exploitation work package, also Dissemination Manager. Focus on coordinating dissemination activities and events.


The MultiModX project is supported by SESAR3 Joint Undertaking and its members under grant agreement No. 101114815.

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