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A webinar on challenges and best practices for safe mobility in airport regions

"Get Me Home Safely" Webinar

The Airport Regions Conference (ARC) partnered with the European Transport Workers' Federation (EFT) to host a groundbreaking webinar addressing the critical issue of safe commuting in airport regions, with a particular emphasis on women working at the airports.

Airport employees, including security personnel, ground handling staff, and aircrew, often work unconventional hours, including night shifts, creating a pressing need for safe transportation to and from their workplace. Ensuring safe commuting is not only a fundamental concern for these dedicated professionals but also a vital health and safety obligation for their employers. Local authorities in regions hosting airports play a crucial role in providing safe public spaces and mobility solutions for night shift workers.

The webinar provided a platform for participants to gain insights into EFT's "Get me home safely" awareness-raising campaign tailored for the aviation sector. It also facilitated discussions on best practices for enhancing worker safety during their commutes in collaboration with ARC. The event featured enlightening case studies from Barcelona's El Prat Airport and the United Kingdom.


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