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Airport Regions Dealing with Old and New Challenges in a Changing World

ARC is excited to announce that this year's Annual Spring Conference will be hosted by the City of Vantaa, which is commemorating its 50th anniversary. Join us as we convene in the dynamic Vantaa Aviapolis and delve into discussions that span the diverse dimensions of airport challenges in our changing world—covering mobility, urban development, economic considerations, societal impacts, and environmental sustainability.

From humble runways to bustling airport cities with offices and logistics areas, airports have evolved significantly. However, the conference delves into novel ideas and projects in urban planning, aiming to extract maximum value, not solely economic, from these crucial economic drivers.

Key Themes:

  • Urban Planning Innovations: Explore how airports can optimize economic benefits through urban planning strategies.

  • Mobility Evolution: Navigate the critical juncture in airport mobility, where door-to-door perspectives gain prominence, and emerging transport modes such as drones, e-bikes, driverless cars, and electric scooters are reshaping the landscape.

  • Environmental Considerations: Address the environmental "TALON DE AQUILES" for aviation and airport sectors, contemplating the growth challenges tied to noise and air quality. Understand how airport regions can actively engage in and benefit from the ongoing energy transition.

  • Vantaa Aviapolis Introduction: Get an exclusive introduction to Vantaa Aviapolis, shedding light on its significance in the broader aviation context.

  • Human Capital in the Digital Age: Delve into the impact of digitalization on the workforce, assessing readiness among employers and employees for the immeasurable effects. Explore the preparedness of training centers and public administrations to navigate the opportunities and risks associated with this digital transformation. Probe into the role of Artificial Intelligence (IA) in shaping the future workforce.

We extend an invitation to all interested parties to join us for insightful discussions on the unique challenges faced by airport regions. Your participation will contribute to a collaborative dialogue that seeks to enhance the resilience and adaptability of airport regions across Europe.

Book a room for the duration of the conference with a discount here!


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