ANIMA Hybrid Workshop on New Approaches to Mitigate Aviation Noise Impact


Aircraft noise is considered the most significant local environmental impact related to airport operations that affects people on the ground. This event revealed new approaches to mitigate the impact that aviation noise has on local communities, such as understanding how aircraft noise exposure troubles residents and ultimately engaging with them to achieve win-win solutions.

To better understand annoyance and to improve quality of life, ANIMA carried out several pilot studies, which led to new ways to mitigate aviation noise impact. For example, ANIMA developed a virtual reality tool which helps evaluate aircraft flyovers in different environments and examines how visual perception influences noise annoyance. ANIMA also built a mobile application, called AnimApp, which purpose is to engage with local residents in order to estimate aircraft noise levels based on their time and position, in accordance with data protection regulations, as well as to measure the effect that noise has on residents’ daily activities.

In addition, ANIMA studied social media discussions in relation to noise annoyance and quality of life around airports. Moreover, ANIMA incorporates dynamic noise mapping approach to demonstrate how population’s daily movements influence the noise exposure and estimated noise annoyance around an airport.

The ANIMA hybrid workshop provided more information about the outcomes of the pilot studies carried out in the project. It presented the innovative ways developed by ANIMA, that can potentially improve the relation between communities and airports, while mitigating impact and enhancing quality of life.