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ARC President's opinion on the letter addressed by Lauda Europe to their flight attendants

According to the latest letter addressed by Ryanair subsidiary, Lauda Europe to their flight attendants, they are required to behave like hunters and to adopt a ‘clever, manipulative and voracious’ attitude when it comes down to increasing the sales of products on board.

Mr Valentin, SPÖ Member of the Municipal Council of Vienna, President of Airport Regions Council and spokesman of Vienna Airport declared that this statement not only crossed the line of good taste but also, as he quoted ‘This is a disrespectful, unworthy treatment of employees and ultimately of passengers! Flight attendants are no wild animals hunting people. These words and the tone used are absolutely unacceptable’.

At the same time, Mr Valentin formally asked the Government to give a clear sign. ‘Enough is enough. Ryanair employees are already under huge pressure. I urge the competent persons within the Federal Government to force the employer to fulfil its duty of care. Such an approach does not remain unnoticed by passengers either. Mr Valentin ended by stating: ‘Viennese people will certainly think twice before choosing the airline they want to fly with’.


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