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ARC-UIC2 Workshop on Urban Air Mobility

ARC has organised today a workshop on Urban Air Mobility together with the Urban Air

Mobility Initiative Cities Community.

The welcome words of Mr Erich Valentin, ARC President, and the keynote speech of Mr

Vassilis Agouridas, the Leader of UIC2, were followed by discussions and breakout sessions

with the moderation of Mr Sergi Alegre, ARC Director General.

The workshop gave excellent opportunities to the participant members and expert guests to

discuss the issue from the local and regional administrative perspective and underlined the

main challenges of this novel transport mod and the integration into SUMP (Sustainable

Urban Air Mobility Plan) of this transportation system in low-level airspace above populated

areas. They underlined the obligation of taking into account locals’ needs for good living

standards and the precise demand of involving local and regional administrations in

establishing the comprehensive policy and regulatory architecture.

The final statements, attached, can serve as arguments for the policy and regulatory bodies

in their future work on their rulemaking procedures.


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