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European Aviation Summit in Toulouse

ARC participated in the European Aviation Summit on decarbonising the air transport sector, held in Toulouse on February 4 with prominent actors of the aviation industry. The high-level event aimed to discuss and change points of view over the forward-looking way to decarbonise and reduce carbon emissions and reach net-zero by 2050.

Speakers emphasised the essential demand for collaborative action among all concerning

players. Not only do the parties of the aviation value chain are needed to put their

knowledge, ideas, experience together but also the passengers with their readiness to pay

tax on the ticket price should have a crucial part in this long process. To create reliable

infrastructure with a focus on safety, efficiency, and the traveller’s need in parallel with

combating restrictive technologies could support finding high-quality solutions.

As was said, clean aviation partnership, full transparency among the airlines, the ATM, the

airport industries and aircraft manufacturers and innovative solutions like sustainable

aviation fuel, electric aircraft and hydrogen-powered engines are essential to zero-emission

and make the European aviation industry ready for EU Green Deal.

Global technological, manufacturing and operational awareness is crucial for the full

interoperability of the system. This combat is very complex and requires each actors

contribution to put its effort together. The technical side would need a new generation of

aircraft for airlines to end the fragmentation in the ATM industry by supporting

the Single European Sky and SESAR initiatives and ensuring less emission on the runway

continuous descent in the airport industry. Supportive actions are essential for managing the

aviation environmental challenges also from the political and regulatory side, to lay down the

issue more adequately in the Paris Agreement, to put it into the Agenda of the forthcoming

ICAO Assembly and action needed to closer cooperation with CORSIA. Even passenger’s

contribution is called for decarbonisation with intensives.

The Olga project was also mentioned as an example of a quicker and smoother transition towards green aviation.

The Summit established the Toulouse Declaration as a public-private action to support the

European aviation industry to reach net-zero carbon emission by 2050 and support the

transformation to decarbonisation. It was adopted by 146 industry stakeholder groups, including the five leading European aviation associations. ARC also fully supports the



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