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Aviation after COVID-19: Challenges for Airport Regions

Polls' Report
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Ignasi Ragàs is an economist specialising in transportation and economic development for more than 30 years. From 1990 to 2004 he worked at the City Council of Barcelona, in Mayor’s Office and later at the Economic Development department.

Later, he led the launching of Barcelona’s Air Route Development Committee (2004–2011). He was also involved in air routes promotion schemes for Reus and Girona  Airports (Catalonia, Spain). He participated in the drafting of a routes promotion strategy for Madrid Airport (2011–2012). Other aviation-related experience is Executive president of CESDA Commercial Aviation Pilots University in Reus (2005–2011), member of the board of Spanair airline (2010–2011), Strategy for Barcelona’s Airport City (2017), MetroAirports project (2018–2019).

You can contact Ignasi Ragàs via or via LinkedIn

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