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Regional Strategy
Airport & Aviation

Based on ARC’s 28-year experience with more than 60 regional and local authority members, we offer technical guidance to assist regional and local governments to help them to develop their own airport & aviation strategy based on an approach guided by a strategic analysis with the evaluation of various options for the development of airport-related businesses.

What barriers hamper
Airport & Aviation Strategies?

Airport and aviation industries are up in the political agendas in many regions. Airports are critical enablers of national and international connectivity and major gateways to business and leisure visitors. In addition, airports and their surroundings often cluster business, R&D, and training activities in a variety of aviation-related fields.

Not surprisingly, citizens, industry groups, and the broad business community urge governments to produce policies and projects and take full advantage of the region’s strengths in these fields, seek and exploit opportunities and address shortcomings.


In a lot of cases, regional authorities and airports follow different logic, have different priorities, and do not have a deep knowledge of each other ecosystem, besides that they are respondents to different stakeholders. This is a challenge to constructive dialogue when both sides seem to speak different languages.

Roles of regional governments

Owner / Manager

Regions may have a dominant or a minority stake in the airport management entity. Even in these cases, authorities and airport companies have different natures and purposes, which may lead to interferences, conflicts of interest, and unwise decisions.


Regional authorities may invest resources in a variety of domains that are aligned with the airport’s interests such as:

• Tourism promotion
• Vocational training and skills
• Air route development schemes
• Public Sector Obligations (PSO) contracts
• Business and talent attraction
• Promotion of industry clusters
• Availability of land for industrial and commercial developments

Regulator / Governance

Regional authorities may have regulatory and governance roles in a variety of aspects relevant to airports such as:

• Land Planning and Zoning
• Land Accessibility and Public Transportation
• Training and Skills
• Customers Rights, Customer Service
• Public Safety / Industrial Safety in Landside Areas
• Pollution and Noise




Regional authorities may eventually become partners with airports to develop strategic projects under joint-venture or PPP arrangements.

What ARC offers?

  • Assessment of baseline, enabling conditions, success factors, and perceived opportunities and risks

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders and engaging them in the strategy

  • Benchmark relevant examples to illustrate options

  • Proposal of governance arrangements and roadmap to implement the strategy

ARC consultancy method is assessing the baseline such as the ambitions of the client, then drafting the options such as enabling conditions and success factors, then together the objectives can be selected (usually stakeholder engagement) and finally a road map is created.
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