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ARC Joins U-ELCOME Project Advisory Board

We are excited to announce that ARC has joined the Advisory Board of the U-ELCOME project. As the association of regional and local authorities with airports situated within or near their territories, ARC represents the interests of its members and brings together a wide range of expertise at the interface of airports and air transport with local and regional policies.

Our vision is to bring together regions and airports, facilitating their interaction and cooperation across governance, economy, environment, urban planning, and mobility.

Participation in the U-ELCOME project aligns perfectly with these goals. This three-year SESAR Digital Sky Demonstrator initiative, involving 51 partners, aims to ensure routine commercial drone operations in Europe by 2026. With demonstrations in three European countries, the project focuses on the safe and secure integration of drones, promoting interoperability and harmonisation within the U-space framework. The project is co-funded by the Connecting Europe Facility.

By joining the U-ELCOME Advisory Board, ARC will actively contribute to shaping the future of drone operations, supporting innovation, and enhancing the synergy between airports and regional policies. This collaboration will further our mission to improve the quality of life for residents and optimise the benefits of the aviation sector.

For more information about the project visit the project website!


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