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Six ideas on how to promote jobs and increase attractiveness of airport areas

Skills are key to social cohesion and they contribute to job creation and growth. In our fast-changing global economy, skills play an exponential role in increasing Europe’s competitiveness and in driving innovation. However, in some areas, such as the aviation sector, jobs may often not be that transparent.

How do we define transparency in an airport area?

Transparency in this sense refers greatly to the open communication and promotion of jobs in airport areas. Employment agencies, economic development agencies, airport companies, universities, schools and public authorities are instrumental in making the airport-related labour market more attractive. In this context, transparency can be defined as means that facilitate access to airport job offers and that raise awareness about the diversity of the jobs available in airport areas.

What can local and regional stakeholders do to support transparency of the airport region labour market?

Airport jobs to be managed through a centralised system. Many airport areas notice that often times jobseekers are not aware of the vacancies, because these jobs are not promoted enough, or related information is hard to retrieve – available on different websites or recruitment agencies. A centralized airport vacancy system would solve this issue. For instance, the airport operator could collect all job adverts from all companies on the platform and add them into a single online system, which would also allow for the job demand to be mapped and facilitate the access to information for jobseekers.

Modern and tailored marketing can be more efficient in reaching jobseekers. Thanks to the ubiquity of social media, potential job candidates can be made aware about the available airport jobs online and through social media. Also, purposeful marketing campaigns can be led to engage with jobseekers and to showcase the opportunities of an airport career. These campaigns should offer comprehensive and detailed information on the working conditions and financial packages.

Public and private collaboration is useful. Regions near airports can support companies in promoting jobs at the airport with more information offered to their citizens about the possibilities of employment (and benefits thereof) in airport areas. This can be done only through meaningful collaboration with the private actors.

Ideas to increase transparency and attractiveness of the airport area labour market

Intense early career guidance – Exploring career opportunities since an early age can support an informed decision-making process and can also build a clear professional path. The Aerospace Technology Centre in Wildau initiated a career guidance project titled “Start 2 Fly”. The project organises information events and workshops which present the wide range of opportunities to enter the aerospace industry available through vocational training and studies. School students can gain an impression of everyday work by subsequently completing work experience and put their competence for a career in this innovative and forward-thinking industry to the test.

Recruiting fairs – Job fairs are advantageous for both jobseekers and employers. They provide a rather rapid method of recruiting employees, provided that the promotion is done skillfully.

Promotion through community engagement – Working collaboratively with communities can foster a transparent and credible relation. Active engagement enables a better understanding of both the challenges encountered by jobseekers and the needs of airport employers. In the German region of Dahme-Spreewald the Long Night of Economy event offers a “behind the scenes” view to the working environment in different sectors of the German labour market. Additionally, this event promotes job offers and provides more information about current opportunities.


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