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Transition to Green Airports: Examples of EU Green Deal Projects

ARC as the partner responsible for communication in the OLGA project organises a seminar together with other EU Green Deal projects, STARGATE, and TULIPS on the transition to green airports on 22 June, from 14:00 to 16:30, in Paris, at the Air & Space Museum, Room Caquot, as a side event within the 54th edition of the Paris Air Show.

Climate change is an unprecedented major challenge. To address this challenge, the European Commission set the European Green Deal, with the objective of a climate-neutral continent by 2050. In this context, three "sustainable and smart mobility" Horizon 2020 projects have been launched by the European Commission in 2021:

  • OLGA (hOListic Green Airport), uses a holistic approach to develop environmental innovations at airports, to reduce the environmental footprint from passengers, airlines, and neighborhood perspectives. Airports: Paris-Charles de Gaulle as lighthouse airport with Zagreb, Milan-Malpensa, and Cluj as fellow airports.

  • STARGATE (SusTainable AiRports, the Green heArT of Europe) develops, tests, and implements innovative solutions to make the airport ecosystem and operations more sustainable and efficient. Airports: Brussels Airport as lighthouse airport with Athens, Budapest, and Toulouse as fellow airports.

  • TULIPS (DemonsTrating lower pollUting soLutions for sustaInable airPorts acrosS Europe) delivers demonstrations in airport operations that accelerate the joined ambitions to reduce emissions and local impact drastically. Airports: Amsterdam Schiphol as lighthouse airport with Oslo, Turin, and Larnaka as fellow airports.

Together, these three projects develop environmental innovations meant to set the EU’s airports and aviation sector on the path to green transition. This seminar will focus on providing solutions for the greening and decarbonisation of airports and the aviation sector, with a focus on new energy vectors (sustainable aviation fuel and hydrogen) as well as on mobility to and around the airport. Registration is now open and the agenda of the event can be found below.

Please note that participation in the EU Green Deal Airport projects seminar is free of charge. However, the event takes place on the Paris Air Show event premises, which requires the purchase of a ticket to show. Tickets can be purchased on the official Paris Air Show page:



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