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ARC Position paper on the TENT-T Revision

Airport Regions Council, the European association of cities and regions with an

airport in their territory, welcomes the revision of the TENT-T guidelines launched by

the European Commission in April 2019 since transport, and in general, mobility is a

key aspect of the relations between any airport and its region, and this explains why

ARC has developed studies, organised events and participated in EU funded projects

focused on this issue.

Airport regions are, in general, the main nodes of transport in Europe as they include

long haul journeys from the other side of the world to all transport modes to connect

with downtown, cities around and economic areas around the airport platform. This is

the main reason ARC values the main objective of TEN-T: to create European added

value by creating cohesion (between long-distance traffic and local and regional traffic),

by adding efficiency (through connections of nodes and stimulation of new innovative

technologies), by striving for sustainability (by lowering emissions and external costs of

traffic), and by adding more benefits for its users.

ARC would like to stress some aspects of revision:

a) General aspects