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Step by step: getting to the airport sustainably – LAirA's recommendations for active mobility

LAirA project encourages active mobility (walking, cycling, etc.) as an option to reduce CO2 emissions, relieve congestion and improve the citizens’ quality of life. In that sense, the project partners came up with some recommendations for developing efficient active mobility for airports. They were published in Thinking Cities magazine, available for the wider audience. 

LAirA project delivers knowledge through several transnational action plans related to multimodal, smart and low carbon airport access. One of these action plans particularly focuses on soft mobility and was carried out by the LAirA lead partner, the Municipality of 18th District of Budapest. This action plan makes it possible to imagine a future with many more people cycling and walking to airports, provided that there is enough collaboration and infrastructure to develop these areas.

The communication manager of LAirA project, Marius Nicolescu (Secretary-General of Airport Regions Conference) was interviewed by Thinking Cities, the magazine of POLIS Network. In this interview, he explains the findings of the soft mobility action plan and how LAirA project is pushing soft mobility forward as an optimal and sustainable way to reach airports. The article covers concrete examples of active mobility best practices, challenges encountered and of course, the LAirA recommendations for sustainable airport access. To know more about LAirA’smeasures, you can read the interview here


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